Siblings Cooking Siblings Playing Music
Allie’s Helping Hands fills a need. There are organizations that do wonderful work with gifts and donations to families with children who are ill, but Allie’s Helping Hands takes the support a step further. We give our time, our attention, and the gift of our presence.

Our teams of volunteers offer companionship, fun outings, homework help or practical assistance to siblings. When Allie’s Helping Hands volunteers spend time with siblings, the parents have an opportunity to take time for themselves, too.

We work alongside the medical community to provide these days of play for siblings visiting their sister or brother in the hospital. These days balance fun with the comfort of talking with other siblings who are walking in similar shoes.

Allie’s Helping Hands’ collaborative approach with the medical community plays another very important role – siblings have a voice in the healthcare system.

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Programs for Siblings


  1. A Day for Sibs: Through collaboration with children’s hospitals and/or community organizations, we provide a day of fun that includes opportunities for laughter, creativity, information, recreational games and social support from other siblings standing in similar shoes. Each event is focused on a theme where siblings have the opportunity to make a craft, enjoy a snack, play age-appropriate games, get to know other siblings and receive encouragement, support and recognition of the valuable role they play in the care of their sick sister or brother.
  2. Big Sib Little Sib: In partnership with the medical community, our volunteers work to establish a relationship built on trust and friendship that can grow into a future of unlimited potential. Volunteer mentors spend an average of three times a month for approximately one year working alongside siblings in a variety of everyday activities such as eating out, going to the park, getting exercise, attending sports events, going to the movies, sightseeing, homework help, or just hanging out together. It’s not the activities that matter – it’s the fact that each sibling has two volunteer mentors in their life that they can look up to, confide in, and seek comfort during a time in their lives when the majority of attention is being dedicated to their sick sister or brother. We ideally seek mentors who have walked in similar shoes before and therefore bring unique understanding to the sibling they walk alongside. To enroll a sibling contact us.
  3. Sib Sacks: A program created by Lauren Spalding to bring encouragement and joy to siblings of children fighting long-term critical health conditions. Sib Sacks are 17X13″ backpacks that are filled with thoughtful, small gifts just for sibs! Each Sib Sack contains items to keep siblings warm and occupied while spending time at the hospital. Please click here for some examples of great toy/gift ideas.