Siblings Cooking Siblings Playing MusicAllie’s Helping Hands fills a need. While many organizations support children who are ill, Allie’s Helping Hands goes a step further with time and attention to siblings, who are often overlooked. 

We work alongside the medical community to help create programs such as “Sib Day” for siblings who have a sister or brother in the hospital. These programs balance fun with the comfort of talking with other siblings who are walking in similar shoes.

Allie’s Helping Hands’ collaborative approach with the medical community plays another very important role – siblings have a voice in the healthcare system.

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Programs for Siblings


  1. Sib Day Curriculum: Children’s hospitals and/or community organizations use the Allie’s Helping Hands Sib Day curriculum to customize events for siblings. These events include opportunities for laughter, creativity, information, recreational games and social support from other siblings. Siblings make crafts, enjoy snacks, play games, get to know other siblings and receive encouragement, support, and recognition of the valuable role they play in the care of their sick sister or brother. The curriculum provides step-by-step directions on how to plan and implement a Sib Day event.  To purchase this step-by-step guide click here. Suggested donation $100.00.  
  2. Sib Sacks: Lauren Spalding created Sib Sacks to bring encouragement and joy to siblings of children fighting long-term critical health conditions. These 17″X13″ backpacks filled with thoughtful gifts just for sibs are distributed to hospitals and community organizations every year on April 10, Sibling Day. Please click here if you would like to purchase a Sib Sack.